Monday, January 30, 2012

We're Moving to Guatemala!

John and I feel very blessed that God has chosen us to minister to the people of La Arenera Guatemala. Three years ago, while we were staying in Guatemala, we both felt God calling us to La Arenera. This is clearly God's plan for our lives. Please browse around our blog and check out the "How It All Began" section (above) to read the full story of how we found out about La Arenera Guatemala. Also take a look at the "What We Will Be Doing" (above) section to find out the different ways we will be working with this village.

Camino Global (formerly CAM International)
We are not just heading off to Guatemala on our own. We are going through an organization called Camino Global. Camino is an amazing organization that has been around for 122 years. Their focus over these years has been mainly in Central America. You can check out more about them HERE.

We COVET your prayers. We ask you to pray for our physical safety and health. We, most importantly, ask you to pray for our spiritual well being. There will definitely be spiritual warfare going on and we want to be ready for that. Please pray for our walks with the Lord during this time.

In order to go, we have to raise financial support. (Cue Jaws Theme Music)

The base amount that we need to raise is $37,007.00. This will cover expenses for furniture, a car, visas, language school (in Guatemala), travel expenses, etc.

The monthly support that must be pledged before we can leave is $5,591.00. The monthly support that is given will go towards our rent, insurance (think COBRA for three people), salary, Camino's 13% that they take to run the organization, food, gas, etc. You can start giving monthly support now, which will go into our base amount until we leave, or you can choose to give monthly starting the day we leave. If you would like to give monthly, but not until the day we leave, please email Sarah or John the amount you plan on giving or Tami Cornelison at Camino. They will enter that into the amount pledged so that we can know approximately how much we have left to raise. If you would like to start giving now, please see the top right side of the screen for different ways to give.

That's a total amount needed pledged or given of $171,191.00 before we can leave.

Thank you for considering to support us. We value our relationship with you.

John, Sarah, and Jackson